Mega Ran – Jeremy Lin Rap (Sonic Skillz Mix)

Vocals: Random | Album: n/a

You’ve kinda gotta be living under a rock not to know who Jeremy Lin is. In case you do happen to be living under a rock, Lin is a point guard for the New York Knicks who happened to make his way off the bench during one game and ended up setting the world on fire. If you’re living under a rock, that probably means you haven’t heard Lin’s tribute song by my homie Mega Ran that’s been showcased everywhere from SportsCenter to USA Today. Since Ran did the original song over an industry beat, he asked me to put together a remix; since being a Knick fan for better or worse (usually worse) is in my DNA, I was happy to do it. Hopefully Lin and the Knicks will hear my remix and give me some tickets!