New interview on!

Hey everyone, no music update today (there will be one soon though!), but I wanted to share an interview I did with Eric Merriweather of I discussed a few things including my influences, video game music, how a producer can stay relevant, and (of course) my Sonic Adventure EP! It’s something that aspiring producers, and people who wanna know my thoughts on the biz, might wanna check out.


And speaking of Sonic Adventure, I’m doing another sale connected with the interview. If you press the “Download” button on that mp3 player on the right-hand side of the page (or go to my Bandcamp page) and enter the code chaundon, you’ll get a dollar off the price of the EP! There’s a lot you can do with a dollar – personally, I recommend buying one of the songs from It’s a Noo Day. 😉 Remember, this sale ends on August 31!